S/N 025  -  LN-FWP















Focke Wulf , C/n 025



Frühere Kennzeichen

AC+401, 90+15, I-ATTI, D-ETTI


Kjeller (ENKJ)


Ole Petter Syvertsen






Ole Petter über seine LN-FWP


Serial number 025 was built in Bremen by Focke Wulf in 1958 as one of 190 airplanes built under license from Piaggio.  It was then delivered to JaboG 35, and by 21.07.58 taken on charge by Luftwaffe fighter-bomber (F-84F) wing at Husum as DE+391. Apparently the aircraft spent the next 6 years at Husum before it was transferred to Uetersen. In October 1964 it was sent to Fluganwärterregiment at Uetersen as AC+401 to serve as a training aircraft. 13.11.67 was time for new numbers again, this time  90+15, I have not been able to find out where It was located or if it were still at Uetersen. In 1972 it was discharged from Bundeswehr and sold to a private owner with the civil registration D-EHUG. Later, in 1975 it was exported to Italy and got a new registration I-ATTI which it had until it returned to Germany in 2001. In 1998 – 1999 it went through some major inspections and got an overhauled engine and propeller together with a new paint scheme. The new German owner brought the airplane to Schameder (EDGQ) as D-ETTI, where it spent the next 13 years.
For me, being a Norwegian, the aircraft was not very well known. I saw it for the first time in the Bavarian skies in the early nineteen eighties. This was during a Boy Scout camp outside Munich. Later I found out that these aircrafts must have come from Fürstenfeldbruck. The following years I struggled to find out more about this airplane. In the age before internet the information I got was very limited. In the mean time I went from model airplanes via gliders till I got my PPL. Working as a Licensed aircraft technician I travelled a lot for some years, and suddenly one day in Holland I saw a few of these beautiful airplanes again. I must admit that I almost had forgotten about them, but now with the possibilities that internet gave; I managed to find out lot more than earlier. After a while I wanted to see if it was possible to buy and operate a FW P 149D. As an aircraft technician I have always been concerned about maintainability and thus the availability of spares. It soon turned out to be difficult to get spares and manuals and after talking to some previous Bundeswehr pilots that said it was a beautiful airplane to fly but a nightmare to maintain and almost impossible to get spare parts to, I decided to let I rest. The next years I was looking into other interesting aircrafts instead. At the time I was member of a flying club established in the Norwegian Air force, flying the previous Norwegian Air force training aircraft Saab 91B-2 Safir. The Swedish built Safir is also a fantastic aircraft to fly. While flying the Safir I got in touch with another guy that mentioned that is actually had been a FW P149D in Norway in the late seventies. When I started to look into this, I found out that it had ended up in Holland with the Seagull formation. At that point I could not give up the Piggi. After some more search I got in touch with Michiel Daams at the Dutch Seagull formation team. I went down to Hoogeveen at several occasions and talked to Michiel Daams and Theo Van Gaalen. They gave me all the information I needed and answered willingly all my questions. After the first meeting with them I had decided to buy a Piaggio. I started systematically to look for potential objects and travelled around Europe to look at different offers. For me the most important was to find a low time one with reasonable time left on engine and prop. I had initially been thinking of doing a full restoration, but had abandoned the idea because I primarily wanted to fly now, not in 20 years from now! In the fall of 2013 I stumbled over a notice in a German page for sale of airplanes and other stuff. After some initial problems with the man who were supposed to be the broker, I finally got in touch with the owner of D-ETTI. It turned out to be a very nice man and after mailing for a few weeks about the most relevant data for the airplane, I went down to Köln, hired a car and drove up to Schameder. From the information I already had got it seemed to be the far best object so far. When looking at it, it was not perfect, but for me who wanted a flyable object it seemed to be a good match.  The next problem now was to get the airplane accepted by the Norwegian CAA.  Since the FW P149D is what EASA calls an annex II aircraft, it is up to the individual country to accept it, and the national rules gives guidance for maintenance requirements. Had it been A Cessna 172 I could just have flown it home!  I told the owner that I could not strike a deal with him before I had got some acceptance from the CAA. The following process took longer time than I had expected, I made prospects for the CAA showing all necessary data for hours and cycles, and calendar time for all components and the status of AD notes and SB. Further on I had to make a maintenance program and a plan for how to keep myself updated on any changes in AD status and other airworthiness issues. After about a year the CAA were satisfied and I went on to complete the deal. 15th of July 2014 we flew D-ETTI to Norway, still on German register. It took me further 6 months with additional inspections, corrosion inspection of the engine and installation of a new intercom, new ELT and even more papers to fulfil the requirements of the Norwegian CAA before I got in on to Norwegian register as LN-FWP.

Later I have installed a 8,33 MHZ com radio and a Mode S ADS-B transponder together with a Power Flarm system. To try to get it as close to the Bundeswehr look as possible I have also added decals for the markings and text, but unfortunately I don`t have the correct squadron emblem.
Today LN-FWP has about 2700 hours on the airframe and about 400 hours since overhaul on the engine.
I fly it a lot aerobatics and also for some longer trips. So far in addition to Norway, I have flown it to a lot of airfields in Sweden, Denmark, and Finland. Had plans for a trip to Berlin this spring, but the weather put an end to that. I hope to fly back to Germany soon and also further down Europe, but weather is always a challenge when flying VFR if you don`t have enough time so you can wait for better days!
I had hoped to participate on the Piaggio and DO 27 meet in Bad Gandersheim in July 2019, but the weather in Scandinavia put an end to that.

If somebody got any information of my Piaggio, in particular related to the time it was in Bundeswehr service I would really like to hear about it. Photos of S/N 25 from that period is also very much appreciated.
Ole Petter Syvertsen